In April and May of 2013, the moderators of /r/shanghai organised a "Best Of" awards after being prompted by a thread by /u/aarcn, which allowed users on the subreddit to nominate and vote for their favourite candidates in a variety of categories. Each candidate in every category was also voted on and decided by the community.

The basic format was one week to nominate the categories, another week to nominate each candidate to be voted for in the final categories, then two weeks of voting for the finalists.

Date Phase
9th–16th April 2013 Categories nominated and chosen
16th–23rd April 2013 Candidates nominated for each category
23rd April–7th May 2013 Final voting
7th May 2013 Winners announced

After a month of nominations and votes, the winners were finally decided, and can be found below.

You can also find the full list of winners (complete with links) in the Best Of /r/shanghai Awards results thread.

/u/ggbaker has collated all the winners and runners up and very helpfully plotted them on a map, which can be found here.

The Best Of /r/shanghai Awards was even picked up by international media, and was featured on Shanghaiist and The Business Insider.